Housing in Lal Dora

There is a huge scope of housing in extended lal dora area of Kanjhawla, near Rohini. All plots are free hold and both side open with a service road at the back of every plot.

One can create group housing project on single or multiple plots.

Mini farm can be created with lush green lawns, huge trees planted & swimming pool within the boundary of the plot and a cozy house in the corner, or four storied Villa can be created

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  1. Hi Certes,

    I would like to knw the following

    a) After purchasing Land in Lal Dora area can we make Builder flats in them?
    b) Would there be registries available on these flats seperately?
    c) What all approvalsa will be required?

    Please provide details

  2. dear

    can we have a home loan on lal dora properties, we have been denied from several banks, pls. share if there is any to go for lal dora properties.

    chandan majorwar

  3. We are south Delhi based builders.We would like to look at the site. Please ask somebody to call us and show us the site.

  4. News post I read, thought to share it :
    MCD extends benefit of liberalised building norms to Lal Dora

    The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has extended the benefit of liberalised building norms to the Lal Dora and extended Lal Dora areas in the capital in keeping with the Master Plan-2021.

    “Since MPD-2021 has revised the development control norms for residential plotted development, MCD has extended the benefit of liberalised norms to the areas falling within Lal Dora and extended Lal Dora,” MCD Standing Committee Chairman Vijender Gupta said.

    He said now a building, residential in character, and not exceeding 15 metres in height and owned by the original resident of the village or his descendant is permitted to have ground coverage, floor area ratio and dwelling units as per the revised norms.

    The Chairman said any other building in Lal Dora or extended Lal Dora area will require prior approval and sanction of the building plans from the MCD.

    The Lal Dora areas are the localities falling in between the village and urban areas of Delhi.

    1. I would like to tell you that having a property in lal dora residential status will not create any problem to you. The things that must be checked about the property is that:

      1. Its complete chain. If it’s having a regular chain of registration atleast for 13 years.

      2. The height of the building should not exceed 15 metres.

  5. I am looking at an affordable housing option for personal use in South of Delhi. I have just seen a good property in Chatterpur, Satbari. I am told it is a Lal Dora land. My question and request to you is, can you advise me on the following:
    -Is it a sound financial decision to buy a property there?
    -What should I check for, before I make this decision, in terms of legal papers/land permits etc.


    1. Ms. Paromita,

      Thank you for connecting with us. On your attached query, I won’t be able to advise specifically since I am not aware of the specifics of the property. However, let me try and give you a general answer to the queries raised by you.

      a) it is necessary that a proper due diligence be undertaken on any apartment purchase, whether lal dora or otherwise. Of paramount importance for you is to verify the ownership of the land & whether the developer has obtained valid building sanction plans (including structural designs) / approvals.
      b) Conformity to current building bye laws applicable within Delhi, including ground coverage, setbacks and parking norms.
      c) Are you getting the purchase funded through any bank??? What is the stand of the bank? Have they undertaken the due-diligence and approved on the project funding? Certain nationalized banks, under their social obligations, fund rural housing too. However, please do not forget that the risk is being taken by you since you being the borrower. The onus would be on the borrower to conduct a proper due-diligence on the property that you are buying.
      e) Regarding the “MYTH” that no building sanction plans are required – It was the case since construction was undertaken on ‘subsistence basis’, and not for multi-storeyed apartments, in earlier times. However, we strongly recommend that valid civil approvals be sought for every project, including Lal dora & extended Lal dora land parcels.

      Hope that the generic information is of use to you.

  6. Dear Certes

    We are a group of officers in Central Civil Services -looking for a good land for a Civil Services Housing. We want to have our own land on which we would go in for a housing apartment blending with the urban heritage and using ‘green’ resources. The number of officers are flexible but we are sensitive to have a piece of garden also attached with each unit , a covered garage that can keep our kit as we aften get transferred and a leisurly moving area.The title and transaction of the land must be crystal clear , as we have to obeserve ceratin conduct rule requirements. Your profile on the website seemed good to us and hence we thought to contact you to explore options. Please respond over email so that we know further . Please also send us the property listing that you may have.

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