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  1. Hi Sir,

    Last week I have seen a flat is under construction in devli village, Previously there was a factory and now some builder is constructing flats there. As they told the plot is under lal-dora is it correct?

    is it safe to buy it?
    can we avail loan on it?

    I need your help regarding this because in my knowledge everyone is giving is there own opinion.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Dear Jitendra,

      On your attached note, our observations are as below:

      If so, please take critical note of the following.

      a) Have you verified the status of the land? Is it lal Dora, Industrial, converted land, Agricultural, unauthorized colony under proposed approval list etc?
      b) Who is the developer? Does he have a repute, and the ability to complete the project?
      b) Have you seen the plans? If yes, ensure that the building norms are adhered to. There is a lot of misconception that under Lal dora, one doesn’t need to adhere to the building bye laws. It is not so. The law doesn’t mandate that sanction plans be obtained in advance. Are the norms adhered to?

      As for illegal colonies, there is a list of approx. 1650 colonies which the Delhi government has shortlisted, for progress towards regularization. However, we would not be in a position to recommend.

      I have answered in general. But, for specific queries, you would have to approach the local authorities.

  2. I am living in Chajjarsi colony near NH24, my house is 173 meeter far from nh24 and 130 meeter far from hindon river. The place is known in all over india after the 5th sept. 2009, when mob did some bad activities their they bun some buses and truck and make traffic jam over their in case of demolish the colonies. can you please tell me that will now all the colonies will demolish or now or what decision is taken by govt. what is going their i don’t know so please let me know all the detail it will so kind of you.

    Thanking you
    sunil guatam

    1. Dear Mr. Sunil,

      As a private initiative, we only research land and projects which are duly approved by the DDA & HUDA, since our sphere and scope of work covers Delhi & Gurgaon only.

      For your specific query, it would be appropriate for you to contact the local authorities.

  3. HI,
    i’m going to buy s builder flat in laxmivihar,burari and i’m told its a lal dora land. Now wht exactly i need to check to confirm that its the right thing to buy?
    Please reply asap
    lots of thanks in advance

  4. Can i know what is warehousing/wholesale zone in master plan 2021?.It can sell by any property dealer?. I have little knowledge. please give me detail.

  5. As per the master plan 2021, a 100mtr Urban Extension Road -II from Narela to Dwarka will pass through Mandanpur Dabas. I have a plot in the khasra of Madanpur Dabas in the place called Bhagya Vihar and planning to construct a house there for my stay. I heard this 100mtrs road is supposed to pass along with the high tension line and the land near to it will be acquired. Your Zone M map shows the plan of this road. It will of great to me and lots and lots of other people to know exact location of the planned road, as some of them says other possibilitis of the road.

    Looking for your valuable information.

    Soumak Roy

    1. Dear Mr. Roy,

      our observations are as below.

      a) In the first place, the Maps referred by us are the official maps as available on DDA websites.
      b) All the maps researched by our teams have an incidence of the 100 metre road, which connects 4 NHs.
      c) The said 100 M road is in some ways the dividing line between zone ‘M’ & ‘N’.
      d) We would not be able to conclusively comment on the legality of colonies in the area. You would have to check with the local authorities.

      It is our advise that the local authorities be approached for a proper due diligence of your plot before you undertake any further steps to construct on the same.

  6. I have one simple question:
    How safe is it to buy an apartment in builder floor in an Lal dora area?

    Want an honest answer from an expert lke you.
    Waiting for an early response.

    1. Dear Dr. Roy,

      Lal Dora as a subject, is possibly the most misunderstood as well as the most de (mis)regulated of the land type. Some of the rules and classifications pertaining to Lal Dora are as old as a 100 years. Some of the last regulations defined for Lal Dora were in 1963.

      That being the entire confusion.

      However, there are some recent notifications which enables some clarity. For e.g.: A recent notification classifies “all Lal Dora land, within the Phirni of any village, any zone – AS RESIDENTIAL”.

      Most developers of residential constructions under Lal Dora are presumptuously not seeking approved building plans, which, to our opinion is not correct. If all documentation is in place, and there are valid approvals & sanctions, housing in Lal Dora land is as safe as any other land parcel. However, please note the following three things before you decide.

      a Whether the builder is conforming to the ground coverage & building plans
      b)Whether there is ample parking / other facilities. (including a minimum of 9 metre road)
      c)Whether there are provisions for water, sewerage & electricity.

      Since we are not aware of the specifics, we can only delve on a generic basis.

      Hope this might be of use to you.

  7. Sir,
    My premises which is in N-10 Kalkaji , New delhi-110019, in central zone has been identified as commercial street and the same has been notified in Gazette by GNCT of DELHI Urban Development department letter No. F.13/46/2006-UD/5754 dated 12th April 2007.Kindly advise me whether am I entitled to use the prmises for commercial purposes if so are there any procedures like registration,conversion etc. Kindly guide me.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Dear Mr. Mahadevan,

      As a research & consulting organization focused on the Delhi master plan 2021, the following are some of our observations.

      a)It is our observation that notifications were issued consequent to the release of the Draft Master plan 2021 vide SO 141 dt. Feb’ 2007.
      b)The very validity of the master plan has consequently been challenged in the Supreme court, which is likely to take up the case for hearing again towards the 15th of Sept’ 09.
      c)It is our observation that all mixed use streets are subject to availability of ROW / other infrastructure.

      We would advise you to seek a written clarity on your specific property from the local MCD / SDM office. A proper application seeking a written reply may be filed by you.

      Please note that the above are top line observations only, since we haven’t undertaken the specific due diligence for your property.

  8. Is the village land falling within Lal dora assessed by the governement for revenue? Is the revenue earned by villagers recorded in the land revenue records? Please clarify.

  9. I read this news in HT on 15th July 09

    Please tell me are these areas Lal Dora? Is commercial activity allowed on Lal Dora?

    Erstwhile fashion meccas MG1 and MG2 will reopen three years after they were demolished TRACK

    A round three years back, a large stretch along the A Mehrauli-Gurgaon road was the destination of choice for A the city’s well-heeled, thanks to the bevy of high-end designer stores there. Then came the MCD’s sealing drive, that shut down all the showrooms on MG1 and MG2, leaving designers teary-eyed and scrambling to find alternate addresses. One of the city’s most popular P3P destinations, Olive Bar & Kitchen at the One Style Mile, also had to shut down for the same reason. But now, thanks to a new directive by the Delhi Government, both the fashion meccas as well as the popular Med food destination are set to reopen
    The promoters of MG1 and MG2 have sent out messages to all the designers who had a store at either of these malls that they are welcome back. And the best part is, the tenants are being offered the same rate they paid when they moved in
    Designer Reynu Taandon said excitedly, “Where in Delhi can you get the rates we had in MG1? I am so eager to be back at the mall because there are so many fond memories attached to that place.”

    Leena Singh, who was very happy with the news said, “The kind of business we did at MG1 hasn’t been repeated at other malls where we relocated. Almost all the designers were there in either of the MGs. For fashionistas, it became a one-stop destination for all their needs.”

    Olive Bar & Kitchen is also gearing up for a comeback in September
    AD Singh, the man behind Olive said, “This has all just happened. We are naturally very excited and are looking forward to bringing back one of Delhi’s landmarks.”

    Will MG1 and MG2 regain their former status as fashion meccas? One will have to wait and watch

  10. I read this news in TOI dated: 16th July 09

    I want to know the impact of this news.

    Relief for Sainik Farms areas

    The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Wednesday informed the Delhi High Court that a portion of Sainik Farms is going to get legal sanctity. Stating that in its draft zonal plan some parts of Sainik Farms are marked to be declared residential, DDA told the division Bench of Chief Justice of Delhi HC A P Shah and Justice Manmohan that the plan is under government consideration after which the area will get legal sanctity.

    In view of the statement made by the counsel who also placed a copy of the draft plan before it, the court adjourned the matter for September 9.

  11. Dear certes

    We would be grateful if you could give your inputs on our following queries.

    i) Can we build hotel/motel/resort in the green belt or rural area of Delhi?
    ii) What are the norms to build motels
    iii) Can we have commercial or shopping space within the resort?
    iv) What are the current norms and what kind of permissions are required.

    We would be grateful if you could send us your official quotation for acting as consultants for this deal.
    -Ankur (M/s XXXXXXXXX Resorts (P) Ltd

  12. Dear Deepak,

    On your below attached query regarding Lal Dora Land, our replies are as below:

    a) it is necessary that a proper due diligence be undertaken on any apartment purchase, whether lal dora or others. Of paramount importance for you is to verify the ownership of the land & whether the developer has obtained valid building sanction plans (including structural designs) / approvals.
    b) Conformity to current building bye laws applicable within Delhi, including ground coverage, setbacks and parking norms.
    c) It is not necessary that all banks fund all projects. Certain nationalized banks, under their social obligations, fund rural housing too. However, please do not forget that the risk is being taken by you since you being the borrower. The onus would be on the borrower to conduct a proper due-diligence on the property that you are buying.
    d) We are not aware of any plans for complete demolition of Lal Dora & Extended Lal dora areas by the government.
    e) Regarding the mention that no building sanction plans are required – It was the case since construction was undertaken on ‘subsistence basis’, and not for multi-storeyed apartments, in earlier times. However, we strongly recommend that valid civil approvals be sought for every project, including Lal dora & extended Lal dora land parcels.

  13. Hi Team,

    I am a salaried employee looking for buying a flat in Lal dora Area in Mahrauli. These are sold in a commercial way by building no. of flats for sale purpose. Finance is available on this flat but the owner says it is available only from Nationalised banks and not from Private banks. I would like to know what are the things I should check before buying into such a property and what are the mistakes that I can make. Also, from your experience, should I buy such a flat at all. I have read an article which says the Lal dora areas and extended Lal dora areas are being planned to be completely demolished and reconstructed by the govt. and there is a Supreme court order to withdraw the 1963 notification that the building plan sanction is not required. Please guide me as I don’t have any knowledge regarding Lal dora and a new home buyer.

  14. Dear Mr. Anuj,
    Thanks for appreciating our expertise on Lal Dora land. We have a dedicated team researching into the Lal Dora investment avenues.
    You could reach me on the below mentioned number, with specific details, so that we can refer to our knowledge base to advise you.

  15. I am a salaried employee planning to buy a flat in a residential apartment built on lal dora area. going through your articles and website, understood your expertise over this subject. i want to know the risks involved in buying a flat in lal dora area. I know it is a very little question asked with you experts. Will be thankful for your valuable advise. thanks, Anuj

  16. Dear Mr. Jain,
    One of our initiatives called “Certes Homes” is at the drawing board stage. We are planning to come up with a project on extended Lal Dora land, owned by some promoters, within Village Kanjhawala in North west Delhi. A couple of groups of buyers are impressed with the strategic location and have evinced interest to book the first phase totally.
    You could visit us, and we can take you through the various steps of approval. In reply to your query, your proposal is possible.

  17. I want to know more about group housing project on Laldora land that you have mentioned. We are a group of about 25 people who want to build our own houses. Can you help with all approvals?
    We don’t want to risk our money and only will buy with all approvals.Please contact me

  18. Dear Sir,

    I would not like to comment on the specific apartment developer(s) in the areas mentioned by you, since all developments are typical, and the only constant factor that the buyers need to adhere caution is the due diligence on the land, the credibility of the developer and the financials on the project. You could send us specific details which we can study, and revert to you.
    As for the instance mentioned by you, your friend seems to have bought into a project / building wherein he did not do the diligence right. Your friend is extremely wrong when he says that Lal Dora land is illegal. Lal Dora lands are as legal as any other habitable land, if not better. We use an analogy very often internally, which I would like to draw comparisons with your question.
    “ There was a plain white paper. Someone scribbled some swear words (gaali) on it. Now, is the paper illegal or the words written on them?” Likewise, Lal Dora land is legal, but if someone constructs a building on it which is contrary to the approvals, then it cannot make the land illegal.
    Lal Dora lands, by definition is residential. Please read the last issued notification of the Ministry of Urban development – Page No. 126 of the Delhi master plan document, sub clause 8)2) (vi) under chapter no. 17 – “Land use of village abadi (Lal Dora / Firni) located in any use zone is residential.” Click here to read

  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    There are lot of flats which are offered in places like Mahrauli, ghotorni and other areas in south delhi.
    One of my friend has purchased one similar flat 3 years back and he is not able to do registry and the builder is not taking any responsibility also now.
    He says lal dora land is illegal and please advice me if I should buy some flat in lal dora.

  20. Dear Raju,
    •If you own a Lal dora land, esp. in the abadi area of any village in Delhi, it is imperative that you seek to have the Lal Dora certificate. The original Lal Dora land of villages (Abadi area of any village) was demarcated for habitation, and certificates issued to the land owner / occupier of the particular property.
    The lal dora certificate is extremely important when you have to apply for water, electricity, any other connection. The Lal dora certificate is proof of your ownership of the piece of Land.
    •You have to apply to the SDM office of your locality / whose jurisdiction covers the area you reside in.
    •You have to apply with the details of Khasra numbers, your particulars and affidavit, Aks Shijra of this particular land, Ration card / voter ID etc, copy of khatauni. Ideally, please visit the SDM office and the application for would contain the list of documents to be attached. Most documents need to be self attested, and the affidavit about the ownership of the land.
    •The SDM office normally sends your application to the Tehsildar office for verification. Unless, the field report is received, no certificate is issued.
    •Normally, the time taken for this process is about 3 weeks.
    •Since you are establishing the ownership of your own land, there would be a nominal charge towards the application fee, documentation etc.
    Ideally, we recommend that you make one preliminary visit to the local SDM office and get updated information about your particular piece of land, as your query doesn’t give specific information to us. We would ideally like to know whether the land is ‘abadi’ lal dora OR Extended lal dora OR others.

  21. Dear Certes
    I have recently boought some land in Village Ghittorni. I am planning to make my house there. The person who sold me is telling that there is no requirement for any document and registry also is not most important. From talking to you, I think some questions are needing clarification. Please tell me below.
    What is Lal Dora certificate?
    Where I can get it?
    What I have to do.
    How much time it takes
    What is expense for all approval
    Thanks you for early reply

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